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High Ignitable Spark Plugs

Bulletin 1003

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All Gasoline Direct Injected and high compression engine applications


GDI engines use a fuel delivery system that directly injects fuel into the combustion chamber maximizing fuel efficiency and lowering tailpipe emissions while also increasing cylinder temperature conditions. Modern high compression engines create the same challenging conditions where with the higher cylinder compression ratios produce higher cylinder temperatures. Due to the challenges these motor designs create the spark plug must provide a spark rated for the performance conditions while also withstanding the higher temperature conditions not seen in older engine technology’s.


NGK offers two patented spark plugs that provide the best possible efficiency and performance for modern engine applications.


Dual Fine Electrode (DFE) spark plugs are recommended for non-turbo applications. This spark plug offers a .6 mm center and ground electrode. This characteristic focuses a more direct spark to reduce quenching for a more precise and complete spark.


Projected Square Platinum Electrode (PSPE)- These spark plugs are generally used in turbocharged engine applications due to their high ignitability characteristics. These spark plugs use an improved platinum square ground electrode placed directly over the center electrode to provide a more focused spark and improved heat dissipation.

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