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How to use our relay lookup:

Our drop-down search allows you to choose the voltage rating of your circuit along with the load (amperage) rating, followed by the terminal count. The amperage rating may have two amperage ratings, such as 20/30 amps. This type of relay will have two load circuits, or two contact sets. The 20-amp rating will be the normally closed circuit, or the circuit that is closed when the relay is not activated. The 30-amp rating will be the intermittent circuit, or the circuit that is closed when the relay is activated. See illustrations below.

4 Terminal Relay Illustration

4 terminal relay

5 Terminal Relay Illustration

5 terminal relay

Supplier Statement:

All relays in this database are intended for specific vehicle applications. Do not attempt to use a relay in a circuit without understanding the operating characteristics of the relay and possible causes should a relay connection be incorrect, or the relay contacts are not capable to handle the intended load (amperage).

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