How to Replace a 2011-2014 Ford F-150 Wheel Bearing Hub Assembly

Step by step instructions of how to replace your front driverside wheel bearing on a 2011-2014 Ford F-150.

Article contents

F150 parts and tools needed


Wheel Bearing Assembly

Axle Nut

Bearing Grease

Blue Loctite

Dust Cap


F150 wheel bearing removal

Difficulty: 2/5
Time required: 30 minutes

  1. With the wheels still on the ground loosen each lug nut 1/4-3/4 turn, this will ensure the tire doesn’t spin when trying to crack the lug nuts loose - Watch
  2. Safely lift the vehicle off the ground. If using a floor jack, make sure to secure the vehicle with jack stands
  1. Remove the lug nuts completely and then remove the tire
  2. Using a pilers, firmly grasp the axle nut dust cap and rock up and down to remove - Watch
  1. With a 15mm socket, remove the axle nut from the axle shaft - Watch
  2. Locate and remove the two brake caliper bracket mounting bolts using a 21 mm socket - Watch
Tip : Watch out for the caliper bleeder screw when removing the caliper bracket bolts, if damaged caliper replacement may be necessary
  1. Remove and support the brake caliper assembly, then remove the brake rotor - Watch
Tip : Allowing caliper to hang from brake hose can result in brake hose failure
  1. Locate and remove the 4 wheel bearing hub bolts using an 18mm socket - Watch
  1. Locate and remove the ABS wiring harness retaining bolt using an 8mm socket - Watch
  2. Disconnect the ABS sensor connector and retaining clips - Watch
  1. Using a hammer, tap on the back of the wheel bearing hub assembly to remove from the vehicle - Watch

F150 wheel bearing installation

Difficulty: 2/5
Time required: 30 minutes

  1. Inspect the IWE and axle shaft assembly, paying close attention to the gear teeth. If damaged or worn replace IWE and/or axle shaft - Watch
  2. Using emery cloth or a sanding block clean up the wheel bearing mounting surface on the knuckle assembly, make sure to cover the bearing hole with a rag to prevent debris from getting into IWE - Watch
  1. Lubricate the new wheel bearing seal, IWE, and axle with wheel bearing grease - Watch
  2. Insert the wheel bearing into the knuckle making sure to verify spline engagement. This can be done by checking the axle shaft protrusion and that the CV axle shaft spins when turning the wheel hub - Watch
Tip : If the splines are not engaged properly IWE, axle shaft and wheel bearing damage can occur
  1. Install and torque the NEW wheel hub bolts to 129 foot pounds - Watch
  2. Install NEW axle nut and torque to 30 foot pounds, then re-install dust cap by lightly tapping till it seats - Watch
  1. Re-route the ABS harness, installing plastic clips and plug in connector - Watch
  2. Install ABS harness retaining bolt into knuckle (torque 106 in-lbs.)
  3. Install Brake rotor and caliper assembly, torque brake caliper bracket mounting bolts to 184 foot pounds and brake caliper bolts to 27 foot pounds - Watch
Tip : If reusing old brake rotor, makes sure to clean off rust build up where the rotor contacts the hub or brake pulsation may occur
  1. Re-install tire and torque lug nuts down to specification in owner’s manual
Tip : Lug nut torque can vary depending on the wheel type and package the vehicle is equipped with

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