How To Replace Driver Side Window Switch Mazda CX-7

Learn how to replace the driver side window switch in a Mazda CX-7 in in under 30 min.

2011-2012 Mazda CX-7 Drivers Window Switch Replacement

  1. Using a 90 degree pick, remove the plastic cover behind the door handle being careful not to break the retaining clips - Watch
  2. Remove the screw located behind the cover and the screw in arm rest using a phillips screwdriver - Watch
  3. Using a trim tool, release the A-pilar trim piece clips and remove the trim piece from the door. - Watch
  4. Carefully insert your hands or door trim tool behind door panel and release trim clips starting at the bottom and working your way towards top. - Watch
  5. Lift up on the door panel to release the door panel from the door and pull it away from the door enough to access the electrical connectors. - Watch
  6. Disconnect all electrical connectors and cables from door panel. - Watch
Tip: Leaving the cables in the door handle and removing the handle from the door panel may make re-assembly easier
  1. Access the 3 phillps screws holding on the window switch, remove the screws and the window switch, reverse to install the new window switch - Watch
  2. Re-install the electrical connectors and the cables - Watch
  3. Re-install the door panel starting at the top working your way down to re-seat the clips in the door - Watch
Tip: To avoid breaking the retaining clips, make sure the door panel is lined up correctly before pushing on it to re-seat the clips
  1. Using a phillips screwdriver re-install the 2 door panel screws - Watch
  2. Re-attach the handle cover and A-trim piece - Watch
  3. Follow the relearn procedure to calibrate the auto up and down feature - Watch
  • With the window closed, hold the switch in the down position
  • Hold the switch in the down position for an additional 5 seconds once the window reaches the bottom
  • Hold the switch in the up position
  • Hold the switch in the up position for an additional 5 seconds once the window reaches the top
  • Verify auto functionality of the window - Watch
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