How to Fix a Ford P1450 EVAP Code

Step by step instructions of how to diagnose and repair a Ford with a P1450 EVAP Code.

What is a P1450 Code?

P1450 - Unable to bleed up fuel tank vacuum

This code sets when the engine computer detects excess fuel tank vacuum with the engine running. The engine computer controls the amount of vacuum the purge solenoid draws on the EVAP system. If the computer senses vacuum, when vacuum should not be present. It fails the test and sets this trouble code.

Common cause of P1450

The most common cause of a P1450 code is a stuck open purge solenoid. When the purge solenoid is stuck open, it allows constant vacuum to be applied to the fuel tank and doesn't allow the fuel tank to return to atmospheric pressure. This creates an excessive vacuum condition on the EVAP system and the engine computer to set a P1450. - Watch

How to test for a stuck open purge solenoid

  1. Locate the purge solenoid and unplug the electrical connector - Watch
Tip : Purge solenoid location will vary between vehicles
  1. Remove the purge hose that goes to the EVAP (fuel tank) side of the purge solenoid - Watch
Tip : Every purge solenoid has 2 ports, one that connects to the intake manifold and one that connects to the EVAP system
  1. Start the engine and check for vacuum at the disconnected port of the purge solenoid. - Watch

If vacuum is present the solenoid is stuck open and needs to be replaced.

Tip : An electrically disconnected purge solenoid should be completely shut and not allow any engine vacuum through

Purge solenoid Replacement

  1. Remove the electrical connector (1) from the purge solenoid
  2. Disconnect the EVAP side (2) and Intake side (3) tubes from the purge solenoid
Tip : Depending on design, the purge solenoid might be directly mounted to the intake and no intake tube will be used
  1. Remove the purge solenoid mounting bolts (4)

Alternative Ford purge solenoid design

  1. Reverse procedure to install

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