How to Replace a 4x4 Vacuum Actuated Hub (IWE)

Steps to Replace F-150 4WD Vacuum Actuated Hub

  1. Disconnect ABS connector from under the hood: Watch
  2. Raise vehicle safety and secure: Watch
    Tip : ALWAYS use jack stands under the vehicle
  3. Remove lugnuts and remove wheel
  4. Remove ABS sensor harness from hold downs but not from the knuckle : Watch
  5. Removed brake hose to strut bolt: Watch
  6. Remove and discard tie rod end nut: Watch
    Tip : Be careful when separating the tie rod end from the knuckle. Damage to the boot will cause premature tie rod end failure
  7. Remove brake caliper and bracket assembly from knuckle. Discard the bolts: Watch
    Tip : Secure brake caliper and bracket assembly up out of the way. NEVER leave the assembly hang from the hose or damage will occur
  8. Remove brake rotor: Watch
  9. Remove vacuum hoses from 4wd actuator: Watch
  10. Remove axle shaft nut cap and nut: Watch
  11. Remove upper ball joint nut and discard: Watch
  12. Unbolt and remove 4x4 vacuum hub actuator: Watch
    Tip : Inspect the gear teeth on wheel hub/bearing for wear. If worn, replace the wheel hub/bearing
  13. Clean wheel hub/bearing assembly: Watch
  14. Grease mating surfaces: Watch
  15. Install 4x4 vacuum hub actuator to knuckle ensuring it's engaged with the shaft splines. Tighten the 3 bolts snuggly: Watch
  16. Line up and push axle shaft through actuator and hub assembly: Watch
    Tip : Ensure axle shaft is fully engaged with actuator/hub assembly. The axle shaft should protrude from the hub assembly
  17. Install new upper control arm nut and torque to 45 ft lb: Watch
  18. Install axle shaft nut and torque to 30 ft lb: Watch
  19. Install axle shaft nut cap: Watch
  20. Install brake rotor: Watch
  21. Install brake caliper and bracket assembly with new caliper bracket bolts. Torque bolts to 186 lb ft: Watch
  22. Secure abs harness and brake hose bracket: Watch
  23. Install tie rod end with a new nut. Torque the nut to 85 lb ft: Watch
  24. Install wheel. Torque lut nuts to spec in owners manual
  25. Reconnect abs harness under the hood
  26. Test drive and verify proper operation
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