How to Diagnose a VVT Solenoid on a GM 2.4L

Step by step instructions of how to diagnose a variable valve timing solenoid on a GM 2.4L

How to Diagnose a VVT Solenoid on a GM 2.4L

  1. Gain access to the VVT solenoids by removing the air cleaner outlet duct and engine cover - Watch
  2. Locate and unplug the VVT solenoid to be tested - Watch
Tip: Exhaust VVT solenoid (Black connector) is located toward rear of the engine and Intake VVT (Grey connector) is located towards the front of the engine
  1. Set up your multimeter to read resistance by switching to the Ohm setting - Watch
  1. Place one multimeter lead on each terminal of the VVT solenoid to measure the solenoids resistance - Watch
Tip: Use terminal adapters if available for a more secure testing connection (**See below**)
  1. Compare multimeter reading with solenoid specification (8-13 Ohms). If the solenoid tests outside of the specification, the VVT solenoid is faulty, and replacement is necessary
Tip: If the issue is intermittent, try lightly wiggling the VVT solenoid terminals while testing, this can help expose poor internal connections within the solenoid
  1. Follow link for step by step instructions on GM 2.4L VVT solenoid replacement

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