How to Replace a VVT Solenoid on a GM 2.4L

Step by step instructions of how to replace a variable valve timing solenoid on a GM 2.4L

How to Replace a VVT Solenoid on a GM 2.4L

Recommended Parts

Intake VVT Solenoid

Exhaust VVT Solenoid

Remove VVT Solenoid

  1. Remove the air cleaner outlet duct by loosening the two hose clamps with a flat head screwdriver and removing the breather tube from the engine - Watch
  1. Remove the oil fill cap and pull upwards to remove lower engine cover - Watch
Tip: Re-install the oil fill cap to avoid contaminates getting into engine
  1. Using a shop vac or compressed air thoroughly clean the area around the VVT solenoid - Watch
  2. Locate the VVT solenoid being replaced and gently pry up on the grey connector locking tab to put it in the release position - Watch
Tip: Exhaust VVT solenoid (Black connector) is located toward rear of the engine and Intake VVT (Grey connector) is located towards the front of the engine
  1. Depress release button on connector and pull up to remove connector from solenoid - Watch
  1. Using a 10mm socket remove the bolt holding the VVT solenoid to the cylinder head - Watch
  1. Remove VVT solenoid from cylinder head - Watch

Inspect VVT Solenoid

  1. Inspect the VVT solenoid for missing screens and/or O-ring. If any pieces are missing, locate and remove them from the engine before installing the new solenoid - Watch
Tip: Debris can get stuck in oil passages and cause VVT system failure and possibly damage the engine

VVT Solenoid Installation

  1. Lube the O-ring on the NEW VVT solenoid with clean engine oil - Watch
  2. Install the VVT solenoid into the cylinder head and push down to seat the VVT solenoid and its sealing O-ring - Watch
  1. Tighten the VVT solenoid hold down bolt. (89-inch pounds) - Watch
  2. Reinstall the electrical connector and locking tab - Watch
  1. Re-install air cleaner outlet duct leaving off lower engine cover - Watch
  2. Start vehicle and inspect the VVT solenoid oil for leaks - Watch
  3. Re-install the engine cover and outlet duct

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