What Is An FPDM?


Fuel Pump Driver Modules (FPDM)



Many vehicle manufacturers use some sort of Module for fuel control (FPDM), this bulletin will be focusing on GM and Ford product lines. A fuel pump driver module (FPDM) is an electronic device designed to actively adjust fuel flow to the engine’s fuel injection system. This control module monitors a fuel rail pressure sensor for information so that it may accurately disperse the proper amount of fuel pressure based on engine load and speed. The FPDM this puts less stress on a fuel pump by not having the pump run at full capacity constantly and also eliminates the use of mechanical fuel pressure regulator making this a more reliable system.

If a FPDM is the suspect of a drivability or no start concern, test for OBDII diagnostic trouble codes. P1233 is a good example of code that will lead you to further testing of the FPDM. After thorough diagnostic tests have been completed to verify that the FPDM is at fault, the module will need to be replaced. Locate the module on the vehicle.
On Ford product lines an aftermarket FPDM will be a simpler task to replace due to the module being a plug and play repair. Just replace the module, clear the codes, and after you have verified the repair the job is complete.

All GM models are more in-depth of a replacement process. Installation of all GM or aftermarket FPDM’s can be installed by anyone capable of handling such a repair. After the installation the vehicle must be programmed to the new FPDM. This process will need to be done using a J2534 scan tool or equivalent. This does not necessarily mean the vehicle needs to be taken to the dealer. Many qualified independent repair facilities have equivalent equipment that will adequately handle this procedure. Failure to reprogram the vehicle to the new module will always result in a no start condition.

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