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Did You Know: Variable Valve Timing Solenoids


This bulletin will discuss VVT solenoids.


  • Engines equipped w/ VVT


Variable valve timing solenoids (VVT) are an electromechanical device that control oil flow to the engine’s cam timing system. The powertrain control module (ECM or PCM) sends electrical pulses to an electronic solenoid that will move the mechanical portion of the VVT system depending on engine load and speed. The VVT system can advance or retard cam timing by altering the duration of time the valves stay open and valve overlap (time the intake and exhaust valves are open at the same time), this will give the engine the best possible performance, fuel economy, and lowest exhaust emissions under all operating conditions.

For the VVT to properly perform it is imperative that the motor oil condition be clean, be at full capacity and be of the proper oil type for the engine application. The VVT system requires proper oil pressure and viscosity to work correctly. If the oil is contaminated or low when the VVT is commanded to move there will not be enough oil volume to change cam timing and a trouble code will set. Located on most solenoids are screens, or filters, which protect the solenoid from internal damage due to contaminates. Following your vehicles recommended maintenance schedule is imperative for extended life and worry-free operation.