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Blended E85 Fuel Use

Bulletin 5001

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All vehicle applications rated for E85 type fuel


This bulletin will explain E85 fuel and its usage in everyday vehicle applications and racing applications.


The process of blending E85 fuel is to use the mixture of up to 85% ethanol to a 15% gasoline blend. Ethanol is an alcohol-based, flammable, volatile liquid, that is made using natural renewable materials such as corn or grain. This fuel does not burn as efficient as regular gasoline and it does not create as much energy as gasoline upon combustion. With E85 needing a larger volume of fuel to create the same amount of combustion, results in the vehicles actual miles per gallon will be less with the use of E85 fuel than an E10 gasoline but does cost less per gallon at the pump. This causes the consumer to use more fuel to get the same amount of energy from the motor.

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