Replacing a Brake Pedal Position Sensor?


Brake Pedal Position Sensors


  • Most modern vehicles


Replacing a brake light switch was an easy job not many years ago, replace the old switch with the replacement unit, make a minor adjustment and the brake lights functioned again. On a modern vehicle application, you may need special equipment to perform a re-calibration on the vehicles many control modules so that the new sensor position will be recognized correctly.

Brake Pedal Position Sensor

The replacement procedure of the brake pedal position sensor (BPP) in a GM vehicle application instructs that following the replacement of the sensor, to perform a re-calibration to the body control module (BCM) and the engine control module (ECM) or hybrid power-train control module (HPCM). A full function diagnostic scan tool, not a trouble code reader, is required to communicate with the control units and place the controllers into a re-calibration mode. Specific steps must be followed in a precise order or the calibration will fail and need to be run again. Failure to perform the re-calibration may cause unintended problems in the operating system and cause warning lights to illuminate on the instrument cluster.

General Motors is not the only vehicle manufacturer to require re-calibrations whenever new components are installed. Always follow the replacement procedure in a repair manual whenever you replace a part on a modern vehicle.

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